When starting a career as a developer, there are many aspects that you should take into account to strengthen your skills.

One of the most important is the sources of information you can consult to keep up to date, but, of course, most of this information is in English. But, of course, the vast majority of this information is in English. How to access it? In this article we tell you 5 ideas to improve your English reading skills.

As a developer, you know that much of the technology being created today has people behind it who are in the same business as you.

From developing new websites and apps to programming bots and AI systems, developers have one of the most in-demand professions.

One of the main obstacles you may encounter when you don’t speak English as a native or second language is that most of the valuable content for developers is in English.

This means that, in order to access the best information, you need to strengthen your English skills, all while continuing to work on your projects!

So how can you improve your second language learning while writing code all day long?

These 5 tips will help you improve your English reading and won’t take too much of your time. Let’s see.

1. Read technical blogs

What would the Internet be without blogs? Many companies and experts use this content format to share their knowledge in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

Explore blogs related to programming, software development and technology such as CSS-Trick and Mozilla Developer Network.

There are many blogs where you will find tutorials, infographics and updates related to your niche.

2. Participate in developer forums

Forums never die! All users know how important forums have been for the development of the Internet.

These virtual spaces have mutated over time and have specialized to become platforms for sharing and consuming valuable information in many niches.

And, fortunately, developers are no exception.

Join online communities like Stack Overflow or Reddit. Reading the discussions and responses will help you become familiar with technical jargon and different approaches to solving problems.

3. Watch series or movies with subtitles.

One of our favorites!

The time we spend doing things we enjoy is very important because they help us think about different topics, but we can also think in English.

Choose series or movies in English, but preferably choose those related to technology or science fiction, and turn on English subtitles.

This will help you associate pronunciation and intonation with writing, improving your listening comprehension and vocabulary in real-world situations.

4. Documentation of Open Source projects

Long live open source!

One of the advantages of Open Source projects is that they allow you to understand in detail how they were built.

This is very useful when it comes to understanding how developers from all over the world develop websites, apps and platforms and apply this knowledge to your own projects.

Choose an open source project that interests you and review its documentation. The documentation is often well written and will expose you to specific technical vocabulary.

5. Subscribe to specialized newsletters

There are amazing developers who share their knowledge through newsletters that you can receive for free in your email.

The best thing is that it is information that you can consult at any time in your inbox.

Sign up for newsletters that send weekly or monthly summaries of news and trends in the development world.

This will keep you up to date and used to reading technical content on a regular basis.


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